Chapter 106 – To Be Continued…

Six months. It’s been almost six months since our last podcast. A lot has happened, and yes we have some bad news that you’ve probably already heard. On May 13th, 2010 Heroes was officially canceled by NBC. We’ve had two months to think about it, and finally Joe and I bring you our thoughts about the cancellation, we talk about what’s next not only for the folks at Heroes, but for ourselves as well. Also, Comic-Con is next week and if you’re going we definitely want to see you there. We hope you enjoy!

Chapter 105 – “Brave New World”

The Heroes season 4 finale “Brave New World” has come and gone, and the repercussions of what happened at the end of this episode have the potential to fundamentally change Heroes going forward. It’s safe to say Heroes will never be the same again. Joe and I talk about how this is a good thing, and about what we’d like to see happen on the next season of Heroes. Granted, there’s one big elephant in the room… What will NBC do? Enjoy!

Chapter 104 – “The Wall”

With only one more episode of Heroes left this season, “The Wall” was an episode that moved all of our characters into place for a very promising season finale next week. This week Joe and I discuss our thoughts about this episode, and how we think it will affect next week’s episode. We’ve also got lots of e-mail, and discussion about our upcoming Season 4 finale. Enjoy!

Chapter 103 – “The Art of Deception”

This week, due to insane scheduling conflicts, Joe and I decided to record this week’s 10th Wonder episode Monday night during our regularly scheduled live show. It’s a stripped down show this week, but don’t fret, we still managed to pack in more than an hour’s worth of discussion about this week’s episode, responded to […]

Chapter 102 – “Pass/Fail”

We’re back this week to talk about the very solid Heroes episode “Pass/Fail” We liked a lot of what we say this past week, three great stories, and the sense that things are starting to really make a push for the events of our season finale episode. Join us as we talk about Claire & Sylar’s encounter, Samuel’s shattered expectations for Vanessa, and Hiro’s epic battle within his own consciousness. Enjoy!