Chapter 30 – “How to Stop an Exploding Man”

The Season 1 Finale was one hour of television to remember! Though the response has been mixed from both inside our crew, and our listeners all around, we feel that ultimately this episode was an excellent end to the first volume of Heroes, and a promising start to the second volume. Join us as we discuss the episode and bring you several more topics this week about the season finale.

Chapter 29 – “Landslide”

We’re back! Thanks for waiting patiently for the podcast this week. We think ‘Landslide’ did an incredible job at setting the stage for next week’s season finale! Major props to Greg Beeman for such an amazing episode. This week we discuss the latest news, theories, e-mails and spoilers as well as get ourselves mentally prepared for the Heroes finale this monday. Enjoy!

Chapter 28 – “The Hard Part”

We thought The Hard Part was fantastic, and this week (despite a pesky power outage) we’ve got yet another great podcast to complement it. This week we talk about many of the new theories that this episode has brought to light. We’re getting dangerously close to the Season finale of Heroes and things are really starting to add up. Enjoy!

Chapter 27 – “Five Years Gone”

Five Years Gone was every bit as amazing as we thought it would be! This week we put forth our best effort in attempting to explain what was going on, and what we’ve learned. We feel we’ve got a pretty good grasp on how Hiro’s time traveling has affected the events of the Heroes story, and this week during our topics we go in-depth about several new theories! We also announce the winners of our Logo contest! Enjoy!