Chapter 39 – “The Kindness of Strangers”

We’re back after an amazing weekend last weekend. It took us longer than usual to edit this week’s podcast because we have packed so much information into it! We talk about everything we noticed during “The Kindness of Strangers” and I describe my trip to the Heroes Set complete with pictures! This weeks podcast is extended just for you guys, Enjoy!

Chapter 38 – “Kindred”

Wow! The respose to Kindred has been incredible! It feels like this episode really kicked the heroes fan-based discussion up a notch! To give you an idea: received nearly twice as much e-mail and three times as many voicemails as usual since Kindred aired. Although there is no AAC this week because of travel plans for Derek and I, we feel that this week’s episode is packed full of great discussion and speculation about what’s currently going on in the Heroes universe! Enjoy!

Chapter 37 – “Lizards”

Lizards was amazing! We could really feel that things are starting to take off for season 2! There are lots of great new theories floating around and we bring you as many of them as we can this week. We also have some great Heroes Headlines, and even a new Small Talk! Don’t let the shorter length this week fool you, there’s a lot of stuff packed into the podcast this week. Enjoy!