Chapter 44 – “Cautionary Tales”

It’s here! Your extra early helping of the 10th Wonder just in time for Thanksgiving. This week we talk about one of the most amazing Heroes episodes ever, “Cautionary Tales.” We’ve got a great show for you guys this week: tons of news, theories and some great discussion about what we think is next for Heroes. Enjoy! Everyone at the 10th Wonder would like to wish our listeners a Happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels everyone!

Chapter 43 – “Four Months Ago”

Four Months Ago was great. It answered a lot of questions about Season 2! We’re back this week to provide some insight into the new information gathered from this episode, as well as all of the new theories fans have come up with! We also have more discussion on older theories that are making more sense now after this week’s episode. Enjoy!

Chapter 42 – “Out of Time”

We have an extended podcast this week for what we feel is one of our favorite episodes so far this season! This week’s podcast is packed full of new speculation and information, as well as some great ancillary content: Your Halloween pictures, a look at Heroes: The Mobile Game, and a great e-mail that asks us to take a critical look at the season so far. Thanks for your patience, we hope you enjoy the show this week!

Chapter 41 – “The Line”

The Line is so far one of our favorite episodes this season and we have a packed podcast this week dedicated to talking about it! We hit nearly every new theory this episode has brought about. We discuss the impending WGA strike and how it will affect Heroes. There’s a lot going down in the Heroes universe this week and we’re here with the fan’s perspective. Enjoy!