Chapter 56 – Redial

Another new episode this week! We decided to turn right around and put out a new episode due to the amount of news we received just a few days after our last episode released. However, the best part about this week’s show is our spoilers section. Definitely the best batch of spoilers and rumors we’ve had in a long time. Thanks everyone for your e-mails and voicemails this week, too! Enjoy!

Chapter 55 – Long Distance

Get it while it’s hot! Brand new 10th Wonder is here! We’ve got yet another great show full of the latest Heroes news and your listener e-mails. There’s something special about this episode, though… Derek and I were 2,000 miles apart while recording it. How did we do it? You guys are clever enough to figure it out! We’ve have lots of big announcements in this episode as well. Enjoy!