Chapter 58 – Two Things

The Heroes Season 2 DVD is now on store shelves and we’re on our way to Dragon*Con this weekend! In this week’s podcast we bring you some of the latest Heroes Headlines and talk about what we’re planning to do at Dragon*Con. And even though we recorded this show the day before we had the DVD in our hands, we have a comprehensive listing of the content and bonus features on the DVD thanks to our friend Dennis over at the Satellite Feed Podcast. Enjoy!

Chapter 57 – Comic Con

Our first episode since Comic Con, and boy do we have a lot to talk about! What was supposed to be a brief ‘wrap-up’ of our time in San Diego turned into one of our longest episodes to date because we had so much fun! This week we cover everything we saw at Comic Con, and more! We also give our spoiler-free impressions of the premiere episode. We’ve got a detailed overview of the premiere in spoilers section, too! Enjoy!