Chapter 61 – “The Butterfly Effect”

Here’s our second episode for this week! In this podcast we cover the second episode that aired on premiere night: The Butterfly Effect. This Heroes episode moved our story along quite a bit! So much so that Derek and I nearly lost track of time talking about all of the great theories that have since been brought up. So without further delay, feel free to enjoy what is possibly our longest 10th Wonder podcast to date! Thanks for listening, everyone!

Chapter 60 – “The Second Coming”

It’s finally here! Our first official podcast for Season 3! This episode covers the first premiere episode from Monday night: “The Second Coming,” and don’t worry, part-two is in the works for “The Butterfly Effect” and it will be available Saturday. Be watching our feeds for that. In this episode we go over the latest headlines, discuss our thoughts on some of the issues that the premiere episode brought about, and much more. Enjoy!