Chapter 65 – “Dying of the Light”

This week’s 10th Wonder is the epitome of contingency. Family related emergencies and obligations for both Derk and I made recording and finishing the podcast this week nearly impossible. But we were able to bring in our friend David Dreger to co-host in Derek & Tucker’s absence. So again, we apologize for the late release, but we also thank you all for being patient! Enjoy the episode!

Chapter 64 – “Angels & Monsters”

After a brief delay, here’s our latest podcast! Angels and Monsters was packed full of twists and turns, and judging by the feedback you all enjoyed the ride! This week we go over the latest good and bad headlines and we address a few of the concerns that the popular opinion of our favorite show seems to be taking its own twists and turns as well. Derek and I are currently recovering from colds which explains the delay this week, but we press on. Thank you all for listening and supporting the podcast. Enjoy!

Chapter 63 – “I Am Become Death”

This week’s podcast covers the explosive Heroes episode I Am Become Death. Judging by all of the e-mail and voice mail we’ve sifted through since Monday night, it seems like we were not the only ones who thought this week’s episode was phenomenal! Though we didn’t find any really juicy headlines for you guys this week, we do have some tidbits about this episode from Aron Coleite. We had some amazing e-mails and voicemails this week, guys. Keep it up! We love hearing from you all! Enjoy!

Chapter 62 – “One of Us, One of Them”

We’re back this week covering the latest Heroes episode: One of Us, One of Them. On this week’s podcast we’ve got some great things in store for you all, lots of discussion, news, and a special interview with one of the Villains from Season 3! “The German” himself, Ken Lally stops by the show to discuss his character. Thanks for waiting patiently for our show this week. Monday is just around the corner! Until then, Enjoy!