Chapter 69 – “The Eclipse, Part 1″

Surprise! The 10th Wonder is coming at you early this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. This week we talk about one of our favorite episodes thus far this season, The Eclipse, Part 1. We’ve got all of the latest headlines and theories packed in as well. We hope you all have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday and we’ll be back next week to discuss part two! Enjoy!

Chapter 68 – “It’s Coming”

This week we talk about “It’s Coming,” A very strong episode written by Tim Kring and directed by Greg Yaitenes (Cautionary Tales). We didn’t find a whole lot of news this week, so we spend most of our time talking about all of the new theories floating around after this episode. We’re in for an exciting Heroes episode this Monday so give the podcast a listen and get ready for The Eclipse! Enjoy!

Chapter 67 – “Villains”

We’re back after last week’s break to talk about the latest episode of Heroes, “Villains”. So much happened during the break that we basically took some extra time and put together a podcast and a half for you this week! One of our longest podcasts to date! We cover the Heroes staff shakeup as well as all of the latest headlines. We also discuss everyone’s theories after “Villains”. Enjoy!

Chapter 66 – “Eris Quod Sum”

This week Derek is back and we talk about “Eris Quod Sum,” a highly transitional episode that came packed full of answers to the questions we’ve been asking lately. We discuss how all of the character’s stories are pointing towards Pinehearst and how we’re definitely excited about the upcoming episode which will explain why Arthur Petrelli is back, and why he’s pulling the strings behind Pinehearst. We’re taking a break next week, but don’t let that discourage you from sending us your thoughts. Enjoy!