Chapter 80 – “Cold Snap”

In this week’s podcast we have the pleasure of discussing what many Heroes fans are calling one of the best episodes so far this Season: Cold Snap, the much anticipated writing return of Company Man writer Bryan Fuller. We’ve packed in as much discussion and news about the topics you wanted to hear including a new section that we affectionately dub “Twitter-rama.” Enjoy!

Chapter 79 – “Shades of Gray”

Thanks for waiting up for us! We’re back with our latest podcast covering last monday’s Heroes episode, “Shades of Gray.” Unfortunately Derek came down with strep throat this weekend (get well soon!) so in his absence I’ve invited Joe Hummrich, our awesome news editor, to come on the podcast. This week we have tons of great news and more discussion about the upcoming episodes of Heroes. Enjoy!

Chapter 78 – “Exposed”

Suprise! An Early 10th Wonder for everyone. We recorded the show early this week due to some travel plans. Though, we are working to have the show out on Wednesday from now on as often as possible. This week we talk about “Exposed” and all of the fan theories that are floating around after the episode. Lots of news and discussion packed in this week so sit back and Enjoy!

Chapter 77 – “Cold Wars”

This week we discuss Cold Wars last Monday’s Heroes episode which took us into the past to find out how Noah became involved, what Nathan’s original plans for the operation were, and just how much danger the nation and the world may be in of something isn’t done. Steve Glosson joins me again this week. Lots of news and discussion this week. Enjoy!