Chapter 89 – “Orientation” & “Jump, Push, Fall”

Heroes is back and so are we! We’ve got a packed podcast full of news and discussion that we hope you guys are going to enjoy. Lots and lots of questions and theories are flying around after last week’s premiere. And it’s such an awesome thing to have our favorite show back in full swing again! This week we broke our mold a bit and decided to bring you an extra long topics & discussion section instead of a super long recap of the two premiere episodes. If you guys like having the extra long discussion we might keep doing things this way, but we need your feedback, so let us know by leaving a comment, e-mailing us, or sending us a tweet!

Chapter 88 – Season 3 DVD

Just about two more weeks until Heroes returns! This week we have a roundup of great Heroes news, our review of the Season 3 DVD and lots more! Also, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming…we’ll be recording new podcasts to cover the latest Heroes news and developments right up until the Season 4 premiere. It won’t be long now, Sept. 21st is almost here!