Chapter 103 – “The Art of Deception”

This week, due to insane scheduling conflicts, Joe and I decided to record this week’s 10th Wonder episode Monday night during our regularly scheduled live show. It’s a stripped down show this week, but don’t fret, we still managed to pack in more than an hour’s worth of discussion about this week’s episode, responded to […]

Chapter 102 – “Pass/Fail”

We’re back this week to talk about the very solid Heroes episode “Pass/Fail” We liked a lot of what we say this past week, three great stories, and the sense that things are starting to really make a push for the events of our season finale episode. Join us as we talk about Claire & Sylar’s encounter, Samuel’s shattered expectations for Vanessa, and Hiro’s epic battle within his own consciousness. Enjoy!

Chapter 101 – “Close To You”

We’re back this week to talk about the latest Heroes episode “Close To You” an episode that seemed to dwell specifically on Noah’s relationship with claire, while drawing a paralell with several of the ongoing storylines and asking the question, “How do you protect someone without losing their trust?” We enjoyed this episode of Heroes, and we’ll hope you’ll enjoy our discussion!